James David Matthews
University of Tennessee College of Architecture and Design
Chair of Interior Design, Associate Dean of Facilities/Technology
“Why are we using ImmersaCAD [vCAD] with our students? It’s simply called learning. ImmersaCAD is more like the real world than any other design / visualization tool available.”


Isabelle LaRue
Engineer Your Space
“My day to day design work involves transforming challenging small spaces into beautiful functional homes, and while I’ve used 2D and 3D software to facilitate this process, nothing compared to what Virtual Reality (VR) offers. By using ImmersaCAD’s app to virtually walk through the space, I can experience and try out many different designs and see how they impact the space, all without building a thing. This is a huge time saver and makes it much easier to get to the perfect design.”


John Case
Case Antiques, Inc.
Auctions & Appraisals
“We were smitten with the 3D gallery tour of art – we are seeing so many great applications for this tool. So many of our customers bidding but not present will be excited to utilize this new tool. Not only does it give them a more tangible experience with the art they are interested in buying, but it also gives them a way to see the relative size of the object. It is often difficult to translate size of an item by just viewing a web photo with a description. Further, this tool is very helpful for those customers who struggle navigating the logic of object links on a website. By viewing the virtual gallery, the customer can view the object in a gallery setting and understand the relative size and click on the given object they are viewing to get more detailed information on the website. Genius!”


Danielle M. Hemsley


“ImmersaCAD [vCAD] gives us an extra added edge, from a technology standpoint …and it’s also one great communication tool to present our ideas or for our clients ideas that we are translating and presenting back to them. It helps us to make sure that we understand them correctly.”
“For the folks who don’t read plans and blueprints (and there a lot of them), ImmersaCAD [vCAD] answers their questions and is certainly a huge benefit to them.”


Benji Armstrong
Johnson Architecture
“It helps our clients to understand – spatially, exactly what we are trying to accomplish. ImmersaCAD [vCAD] really helps them to see right off; it puts them IN the space and it lets them know what feels right and what does not.”
“It gives everyone a better understanding of scale, – a feeling for ceiling height and for the general size of the space.”


Dianna Osickey
“This is the new way of design. Instead of maps and models, this will evolve to the point where we will actually manipulate spaces in real time. This is a first step toward a model studio where you can push and pull walls and spaces and volumes.” I see this being used at the very beginning and all the way through the process, not just at the end. In fact …not so much at the end.”
ImmersaCAD [vCAD] allows the design teams to REALLY get into their model early on and to design with new information in a whole new way. It’s even much bigger than going from 2D to 3D. It improves the design process in a unique way. Now you are not looking at floor plans, sections and elevations. You are now really getting into the space and making design happen in real time and communicating that with your colleagues and clients.


Wray Williams
VP Technology & Marketing
Case Antiques, Inc.
Auctions & Appraisals
“We are very excited about the potential impact of virtual reality technology to our world-wide auction business. Imaging is and will continue to be a key element in engagement with an audience that does not have the opportunity to view our auction items in person due to travel distance. The potential for a customer across the globe to have a more traditional walk-through-gallery experience will allow us to reach a wider audience that includes the non-computer-savvy who are less adept at navigating the internet effectively and are therefore much harder to engage from a distance, while simultaneously providing an additional communication channel and a deeper engagement with those that are internet savvy. Eventually, we imagine someone visiting our VR gallery, choosing an object to view in their own home, and being able to place and experience that object in their own VR home prior to purchase. As a company, we strive to lead our industry in the use of technology, especially imaging, and are excited to get involved with the cutting edge of virtual reality technology.”


Michelle Mokry “It is amazing that ImmersaCAD app [vCAD] can use different CAD files from different software from Revit, from Rhino from Sketchup. And I am surprised how very affordable ImmersaCAD is. I come from a small firm that sometimes struggles to keep up with technology because of the expense. This definitely is something that our firm could actually afford. It can help us to be a lot leaner and mean on the front end when we are going through quick iterations of designs for our clients.”
“It is VERY user friendly, you get a lot of bang for the buck, and it is very value oriented in its pricing and its cost structure. Because of that, we can see using 3D much more in out projects.”